Saturday, June 22, 2024

Rivian Charging Reliability Scores prioritize the best fast-charger locations

The EV charging experience in the U.S. has been all over the map, both literally and metaphorically. Finding a working, open charger can be a challenge, and when you do, it’s not always a given that it will deliver the advertised speeds. Rivian owners will soon get an inside view of the charging experience with the automaker’s new Charging Reliability Scores feature, which debuts today.

When a Rivian driver plugs into a fast charger on any network, including Tesla’s, the onboard computers log speed, payment data, and the overall session’s success. Over time, the data can be aggregated to form a reliability score that ranges from A to F.

Rivian’s navigation system can already direct owners to the charging stations along their route, but the new scoring system will prioritize more reliable chargers for the best experience. The feature will be displayed in the vehicle’s infotainment display and accessed via the Rivian app. It will also offer detailed information, such as the charging network name, average top charging speeds, and pricing information for those chargers. That data will then be compared against the vehicle’s charging speeds to guide users to the best charger for their needs.

Though the function prioritizes chargers with A and B scores, users may find themselves in areas with less robust infrastructure and see lower-scored charging sites. The good news is that it will streamline the payment process, using the card linked to the Rivian app to pay for charging at all locations, including Tesla Superchargers.

Owners will get access to Charging Reliability Scores via an over-the-air update, but it’s important to note that it will take time to reach a critical mass of data and calculate scores. Rivian said that the more people use public chargers, the faster it will be able to deliver the scores, so it’s time to get out and drive if you own one.

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