Saturday, June 22, 2024
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GMC Yukon spy shots show refresh with Acadia-style interior

GMC seems to be moving quickly to get its line-up’s interiors all on the same page. These spy photos reveal that the GMC Yukon full-size SUV line will be getting an update that will refresh the exterior somewhat, and the interior much more significantly. The design of the interior is clearly derived that of the new Acadia.

The center stack is dominated by one large vertical touchscreen, and sitting in the lower quarter of the screen is a floating multifunction knob. At the base of the screen are some chunky piano-key style buttons. They appear to be connected to some of the climate functions based on the screen’s readout. On either side of the screen are vertical air vents, and we can just make out a bit of wood trim. Much of the rest of the dash is still hidden, but it’s pretty clear this interior will look very close to that of the Acadia, as the screen and vent layout looks nearly identical. That means there should be an instrument cowl that extends just far enough to meet the center screen, and the rest of the dash should be fairly simple and unadorned. One other note, the steering wheel in this test vehicle has the lights and sensors for Super Cruise, so that will likely be offered, too.

As for the exterior of the new Yukon, it won’t be radically changed. While the Acadia and Terrain will be nearly all-new, the Yukon will just be a refresh with changes focused on the front and rear fascias. They’re still very well covered in these spy shots, but expect some changes to grille shape and headlights to change somewhat. The example pictured appears to be an AT4 trim based on the shortened front bumper for improved approach angle. It also seems likely that the next AT4 will adopt the signature amber fender marker lights from the HD trucks, Canyon and now Acadia.

Since this is a refresh, we wouldn’t be surprised if we see the new Yukon shown sometime this year or early next. It will probably continue to offer the same range of engines and transmissions, including both gas V8s and the diesel inline-6.

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