Saturday, June 22, 2024

Edmunds bought a Fisker Ocean, warns others not to make the same mistake

We’re going to guess you were not considering buying a 2023 Fisker Ocean SUV, even at the recent deeply discounted prices. However. On the microscopically remote chance you were considering acquiring an Ocean, Edmunds suggests you reconsider. In fact, the car-buying site doesn’t merely suggest, it headlines a piece on the battery-electric SUV it bought in January, “Do not buy a new Fisker Ocean; Fisker’s uncertain future makes buying an Ocean too much of a gamble.” What makes the Edmunds piece more interesting than information you already know or mere piling on is that the site details much of its time with the Ocean, from the sorely under-baked delivery version that they paid $69,012 for to the slightly more livable but still misfit version missing promised features and recently hammered by at least 43% in depreciation.

Similar to the issues Edmunds had with its Chevrolet Blazer EV, the Ocean’s dash loved to throw up warning lights and errors before the OS 2.0 software update. The key fob had separation issues, occasionally needing to touch the door handle to unlock the SUV; Edmunds didn’t mention the door latch issue the NHTSA is investigating. The Ocean’s audio system enjoyed giving the silent treatment, and the e-motors wouldn’t hold the vehicle when stopped on a hill.  

The 2.0 software apparently fixed the fob, the dash lights, and infotainment responsiveness, while adding features like data on solar panel energy and trailer sway control. But the anticipated adaptive cruise control didn’t materialize, and the new brake hold feature relies on a fiddly driver’s-seat sensor that can put the Ocean in Park if the driver shifts their weight in the seat.    

So, you can get an Ocean in dealer inventor today for fixed pricing as low as $24,999, no matter the options. Edmunds advises: Don’t. Meanwhile, the latest report is that Fisker has withdrawn its financial guidance for the year while it tries to scare up a rescue plan. Even brand-specific forum Fiskerati jumped ship — it’s now a general EV-focused site called CH4RGE. The All Things Fisker forum remains, though, and its current trade-in prices thread is brief, wild reading, from dealers unwilling to take the car, to initial offers in the $20,000s to $40,000s dropping to zero, to a few posters determined to stick it out with their delivered cars. 

It’s not like the Ocean’s alone in foibles, though. The Issues. Repairs, Warranty, and Recalls page at the Cybertruck Owners Club is already six pages of individual threads, from blank screens to rubbing seats to non-charging batteries to high-speed “shivering” to self-opening windows to “Blue Gunk Beware,” and that gamble will cost you a lot more than $24,999.

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